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Decaffeinated English Breakfast

Decaffeinated English Breakfast


We have selected this classic quality coming from the island of Sri Lanka.  A lot of emphasis has been given to identify a high portion of taste and optic in the decaffeinated quality!  The leaf is long and wiry, mild and yet tender in taste, with a copper-colored cup.


Steeping instructions: 1 tsp for 8 oz water • steep 2 min at 195 F


Ingredients: decaffeinated black tea.


Decaffeinated tea is produced using the CO2 high-pressure decaffeinating process, which is currently one of the most modern technologies. This process involves a cyclical process in which the caffeine is selectively separated from the extracted product. The careful choice of the selection criteria (such as pressure or temperature) facilitates a very even and reliable decaffeinated quality. Very little waste concerning the raw material, a better aroma and a darker color are the most important characteristics of the CO2 decaffeinated tea. Carbon-dioxide is a natural component of the air and is also harmless for the human body. It prevents oxidation as well as unwanted odor or flavors.

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