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  • How do I find your teas?
    You can find Doehrn Tea's in our online store, at one of our pop-up shops, or by calling or emailing Monika to arrange an appointment. We are work quickly to get our teas into some of the best shops and cafes in the area so stay tuned for announcements soon.
  • Do all your teas have caffeine?
    No, our herbals (or tisanes) are caffeine free. Enjoy!
  • Are all your teas organic?
    Many of our teas are organic or organic-compliant whenever possible. Organic-compliant means the tea garden doesn't use pesticides but hasn't been USDA certified organic.
  • How do I drink your teas if they don't come in a bag?
    All our teas are loose-leaf which means you will need a filter, strainer, or infuser to enjoy a cup or pot of our tea. We bet you have one in a bottom drawer your grandmother gave you but you never knew what to do with it - now is your chance!
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